I had no strategy, I was that client who really thought that I could just have a website and the clients would come to me. Finding my voice was also difficult, let’s face it, the online arena in business is a loud place to be. I needed to find ways to stand out that were authentic. I was struggling to find my way.

Creating a signature talk prompted me to apply for speaking opportunities that I would not have done previously. Because of this I applied for and was accepted to be 1 out of 11 speakers at the Polka Dot Powerhouse Celebration of 250 women entrepreneurs. I was told I was chosen out of 100 applicants. I would never have done that before, and I know with my talk that it is an opportunity to get new clients and be seen in a new way.

I now have a plan to get in front of my ideal clients, speaking in its many forms is that way. Webinars, speaking at networking groups, podcast interviews, conferences all provide me with an opportunity to have a sales conversation with many people at once so that my perfect clients seek me out. I have more confidence to have the individual conversations because I know that they have already pre-selected themselves

I have enjoyed getting to know a group of amazing people who are also building their businesses. I never imagined when I had my first call with you that I would be saying yes to YOU and a support system that is crucial to my success. I have become friends with the people in the program and to my surprise have found business besties I know will be in my corner for years to come. I am also very thankful to have a coach that is patient, committed and is real.

I interviewed several business coaches before I met you, and I did not feel connected to them. I am so thankful that I was given your name because I knew immediately that you were my coach. The proof is that you have not been able to get rid of me yet!” 🙂