Before I purchased the Client Converting Talks Program, I was struggling to bring in clients and was beginning to doubt that I could really make a go of my business. I knew I needed to be talking to more potential clients, but I didn’t know how to find them. I had tried to create a signature talk a couple of times before, but with little success; I just felt overwhelmed, and knew I needed more support to make it happen. Serendipitously, within a few days of realizing this, Jeannie’s program came along.

Within two of weeks of starting the program, my first workshop using Jeannie’s techniques yielded great results! There were fifteen attendees at the workshop, 11 joined my email list, eight of them requested follow-up talks with me, and I booked two terrific clients (one of whom recently got her own first client due to our work together!). I had similar results from my next workshop and presentation, and am now excited to schedule workshops for the months ahead.

I’m so grateful to finally have a simple, usable system to grow my business that actually works and feels so authentic. (An unexpected bonus of this program is that you end up feeling more generous and less salesy because of the way Jeannie teaches you to structure your talk!) I highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling to build a client base. You’ll be so glad you made the investment!”